Craigmillar Its already Edinbuzzing

A big part of what we hope to achieve with Edinbuzz is to spread social media skills and networks out to parts of the city that aren’t using them that much. As you might expect, the Edinburgh twitter stream and blogosphere is pretty heavily concentrated around the city centre, the Scottish Parliament, the Universities and more affluent areas. Students protesting rising tuition fees and Government spending cuts are using these tools to good effect right now.

Leith’s got a very strong cluster of local media, with Leith FM, the Leither Magazine, and Greener Leith – but areas like Wester Hailes, Muirhouse and Granton don’t seem to have much activity.

Craigmillar, on the other hand, shows how quickly blogging can catch on in an area.

Not only has the local community newspaper now started a blog and twitter stream (with a little help from Edinbuzz,) but at the same time a community media blog staffed by citizen journalists and volunteers was being set up by David Woods. It not only features local articles and podcasts, but artwork too.

What will be really interesting about this project is seeing what happens when you build a critical mass of different blogs and social media users in some of these parts of the city  Рand seeing whether these local networks can then be used to campaign against cuts, to build a positive image, and create positive change.