Social Media Surgeries Edinburgh

Edinbuzz Social Media Surgeries have a simple aim – to match up volunteer experts (or “surgeons”) with people from community groups or charities (the “patients”) that would like to make more use of the free online tools that are out there. All the events aim to avoid jargon and long boring speeches. Instead patients can expect some free one-to-one coaching from people who believe that social media can provide a cost effective boost to almost any organisation.

Volunteer surgeons come from all sorts of backgrounds. They might be working in PR, or communications. They might be involved with a charity that’s already using Social Media, or they might be working as journalists or community development workers. Where ever they come from they’re giving their time for free because they want to help. In time, we hope that some of the people who first arrive at these meetings as patients will volunteer to help out later on as surgeons – sharing their new found knowledge and experience.

You can see and downloand the promo flyer and see our planned events on a map below.

Edinbuzz Flyer

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